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Our Story

Our journey started in Greece a few years ago, continued in Italy and then Spain. Along the way, we visited amazing landscapes with endless olive groves, watched spectacular sunsets over the Mediterranean sea, met local people with a zest for life & high spirits, tasted products with potent aromas & unique flavors, discovered healthy ingredients & traditional recipes - in other words uncovered   "The Real Mediterranean Taste".

Following the successful launch of our 100% authentic Mediterranean food range - all natural products with some organic certified, key ingredients of the renowned Mediterranean Diet - we soon realized we needed to go a step further to discover the true essence of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and its health benefits, excluding that is the weather!

Worried you'll miss out on all the health benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle by not living in the region?

Having trouble finding authentic, good quality Mediterranean food products in your local store?

Frustrated you can't measure the exact daily intake of the beneficial compounds, like for example olive fruit, olive oil & olive leaf polyphenols?

Not certain you'd get all the health benefits reported in medical articles & scientific research reports nowadays?

Well, no more!

Introducing Gourmante Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplements, the result of a partnership with a Greek pharmaceutical company and research laboratory. They are all based on Mediterranean herbal bio-active extracts, providing consumers worldwide the first ever Mediterranean Living concept to support overall health better than any other form of supplementation!

Start today a healthier lifestyle with our first formula for cardiovascular support, many more formulas are in the pipeline so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to be the first to learn when we launch them.


To Your Health!

Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos - Founder & CEO

Mediterranean Brands P.C. - Gourmante Baltics OÜ   


Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos, CEO at Mediterranean Brands P.C. & Gourmante Baltics OU