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30 capsules bottle

Mediterranean Living Olive Fruit & Leaf Extracts

Gourmante proudly presents its first product in the new category of Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplements, the Mediterranean Living Olive Fruit & Leaf Extracts Heart formula for Cardiovascular & Immune support.

An innovation in the field of nutraceuticals, it is the result of a partnership between Gourmante - the leading expert on authentic, high-quality Mediterranean products - and a specialized Greek research laboratory focused on the development of innovative supplement formulas made with natural, biological ingredients.

All-natural, carefully selected olives & olive leaves from pristine olive groves in Spain, are processed in a specialized factory to obtain through environmentally friendly extraction methods their precious polyphenol extracts.

The product contains an innovative synergistic complex from Mediterranean Olea europaea (fruit) & Olea europaea (leaf) standardized dry extracts, which provide biologically enhanced olive polyphenols.

Rich in hydroxytyrosol which is approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for heart and coronary health claims, oleuropein and tyrosol among other phenolics, which have been shown to possess antioxidant properties by protecting body cells and LDL from oxidative damages, the product is standardized in hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein, tyrosol, and other polyphenols and guarantees a high total phenolic content demonstrating strong antioxidant activity.

Olive oil polyphenols have also been found to maintain normal HDL cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Numerous research studies indicate that olive oil polyphenols also may play a significant role in fighting several other serious diseases, like for example certain types of cancer & Alzheimer's disease. 

The main benefits of this product are:

  • Authentic Mediterranean with high-quality raw materials sourced from Spain and manufactured in Greece
  • The daily dosage is just 1 capsule, which offers the same health benefits as two tablespoons (20gr) of olive oil with a high concentration of polyphenols
  • Daily intake of polyphenols is standardized & safe to consume
  • 0 calories 
  • Vegetarian, easy to swallow capsules that do not contain sugar, gluten, lactose, or preservatives
  • Made with NON-GMO ingredients