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Gourmante Mediterranean Living Olive Fruit & Leaf Extracts for Heart Care


The Mediterranean Way

Authentic Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplement

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The first ever, authentic Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplement, based on Mediterranean origin, bio-active olive fruit, olive oil & olive leaf polyphenol extracts. Developed in partnership with a Greek pharmaceutical company & research laboratory and backed by strong scientific evidence, this formula provides cardiovascular support in a safe, easy & standardized way. 

Mature couple eating healthy Mediterranean food and having a glass of wine

From the Heart of the Olive Tree for your Health

Scientifically Developed Formula

Mediterranean olive groves

"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food "

- Hippocrates

the ancient Greek physician known as the founder of medicine

Authentic Mediterranean

Formula developed and produced in Greece with all natural ingredients from olive trees grown in Spain.

100% Natural Igredients

Synergistic complex obtained from Olea europaea (fruit & leaf), providing biologically enhanced olive polyphenols. 

Cardiovascular & Immune Support

Product is standardized in hydroxytyrosol with high antioxidant activity & anti-inflammatory effect.

Safe & Easy to Consume

Tamper evident packaging with small size vegetarian, non-GMO, sugar/nut/gluten/lactose free capsules. Only 1 per day.


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