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Gourmante Mediterranean Living Olive Fruit & Leaf Extracts for Heart Care


The Mediterranean Way

Authentic Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplement

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The first ever, authentic Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplement, based on Mediterranean origin, bio-active olive fruit, olive oil & olive leaf polyphenol extracts. Developed in partnership with a Greek pharmaceutical company & research laboratory and backed by strong scientific evidence, this formula provides cardiovascular support in a safe, easy & standardized way. 

Mature couple eating healthy Mediterranean food and having a glass of wine

From the Heart of the Olive Tree for your Health

Scientifically Developed Formula

Mediterranean olive groves

"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food "

- Hippocrates

the ancient Greek physician known as the founder of medicine

Authentic Mediterranean

Formula developed in Greece and produced in Italy with natural ingredients from olive trees grown in the region of Tuscany & the island of Sicily.

100% Natural Igredients

Contains QH-2™ a synergistic complex obtained from Olea europaea (fruit & leaf), which provides biologically enhanced olive polyphenols. 

Cardiovascular Support

Product is standardized in hydroxytyrosol with high antioxidant activity & anti-inflammatory effect, supporting heart health.

Safe & Easy to Consume

Tamper evident packaging with vegetarian, non-GMO, sugar/nut/gluten/lactose-free capsules. No calories, easy to swallow, only 1 per day.


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